Evolvethefuture is live

Jonathan Ricketson

Finally EvolveTheFuture is live. There is still plenty to do, but now it has a reasonably stable API, and is ready for other people with enough documentation for people other than me to get started.

I am going to work next on community building, because it is going to be a lot more interesting if there are more people involved.

A excerpt from the EvolveTheFuture homepage:

EvolveTheFuture is an artificial life (Alife) environment that challenges you to write a better animal. It is a simple challenge with infinitely complex and interesting solutions.

Animals can move about eating other animals and are in turn eaten. Animals can reproduce and the children are usually like the parent, but sometimes they are a little different. And in that little difference evolution is allowed.

Evolution happens slowly though, so more interesting things might be able to be created through the imagination of people interested in natural competition. Animals are written in a custom assembly code and run in a javascript environment in your browser – and everyone else’s who opens this page.

The best animals are those that create a more successful species.

The best creators are those that create a successful dynasty.

Please note that this site works best in Firefox 3.5 and above. Chrome 3 and above and Safari 4 and above. It may not work at all in other browsers.

So, please come along and see what is happening. If you have any friends that you think might be interested, tell them too. And please tell me if you have any ideas or problems.

This entry was posted on November 21st, 2010.