New jQuery Weekly Calendar Plugin


After being inspired by the recent fullcalendar (month based) plugin by Adam Shaw, I decided to port a weekly calendar i’ve been working on into a proper jquery plugin. Until a couple of days ago it was practically impossible to use this calendar functionality outside of it’s host application but now it should be simple to integrate it into any jquery-ui based application.

I made a conscious decision to base the week calendar api off the fullcalendar plugin, using the same event names where it makes sense and most importantly to use an identical data format. The idea being that the two plugins could co-exist utilising an identical data source and similar programming style.

You can see the full details of the plugin on the project page but to summarise the feature set:

  • Display of calendar events within a weekly grid
  • Calendar events can be supplied as an array, url or function returning json
  • Calendar events can be dragged, dropped and resized
  • Lots of callbacks for customizing the way events are rendered plus callbacks for drag, drop, resize, mouseover, click etc
  • Automatically scrolls to current time
  • Extend the core calendar event data structure with your own data
  • Compatible with FullCalendar data sources with very similar events

At this stage there is only a basic demo in place but when time permits i’ll add a series of demos that help to show how you might extend it to fit your application requirements such as:

  • Modification of rendered events based on custom data / logic
  • Using jquery ui dialog for creating and editing events
  • Using some of the other events to provide a better experience

This plugin is an early release and i’d expect follow up revisions to be coming out very soon. Any feedback, bug reports etc would be welcome.

Check out the full documentation and demo here

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