Developer Tools and Plugins

jQuery Week Calendar Plugin

A jQuery / jQuery UI plugin that makes it easy to add a weekly calendar to your application. 

Read the documentation & details here.

jQuery Gadget Plugin

A simple jquery plugin for modularising and managing the lifecycle for ajax within an application.

Read the documentation & details here.

Simple Object Assembler

A java based utility for simplifying the mapping / conversion between objects. Great for managing the conversion between domain objects and dtos in Spring / Hibernate based applications, providing ultra simple setup and use for simple scenarios and the ability to override and extend when things get more complex.

Check it out on google code.


These are some projects that we are working on that are in various stages of public testing.


Igloo is a self service advertising platform, written in Python on google app engine using a lot of javascript on the client.


EvolveTheFuture is an evolutionary environment for animals written in a custom assembly code, written in Python on google app engine using a lot of javascript on the client. (This is still highly experimental, and at any time, it may not work very well.)

My Local Practice

My Local Practice is a hosted service for managing complimentary therapy based practices. It helps with managing clients, appointments, consultations and an evolving set of solutions to common problems within this business domain. My Local Practice is built on a J2EE backend with heavy use of jquery and jquery ui in the front end.